Needs List

At Sedibeng Children's Haven we are grateful for any assistance.  Both financial assistance and/or donations in kind helps us to make a difference to the lives of the children trusted in our care.  The needs of the Haven are update regularly.  

If you wish to make a difference, the needs of the Haven is as follow:



Tin food      Other food

Healthy snacks/drinks              

Baked beans Bread Juice Chicken
Tomato & Onions Mix Sugar Fruit Fish Fingers
Mixed vegetables      Tomato Sauce   Viennas/Poloni
Tuna Mayonise  Dry Food Beef
Pilchards Vinegar Rice  Mince
Corned Meat Cooking Oil


  Baking soda 2 minute noodles   
  Cooking sauces          


 2. CleaningProducts

 Bleach  Dish washing liquid  Washing powder
 Sunlight soap  Handy Andy    Pine Cleaner
 Toilet cleaner  Steele wool  Galvanized steele
 Refuse bags  Freezer bags   Shoe polish (black)



 Air freshener  Toilet paper  Tissues  Bubble bath
 Bath soap  Face cloth   Bath Towels  Body cream
 Shampoo  Conditioner  Hair food for girls    Sanitary towels
 Roll-on for boys and girls    Brushes  Anti-lice kits   Detol 
Multi Vitamins (Creche Guard)  Medication for fever  Medication for stomach cramps Latex gloves


4. Children's clothes and shoes

We are in need of clothes and shoes for children between the ages 2 to 14 years old.


5. Volunteers/Time

We are always looking for volunteers wanting to invest their time, whether it is by helping children with home work or just being a mentor.  Please contact the social worker/manager to discuss your interest and how you may become involved and make a difference.  


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